New Modular Braking System for Grillo

Here at RMS we are very excited to announce an update to the Ormesa Grillo Walker! Available on all Grillo models from September 2020, this new modular braking system has been designed for increased aesthetics and greatly improved functionality.

This new braking system has a more sophisticated gradual speed regulation, allowing the wheels to be set at five different levels of resistance. This means muscle ability and stamina can be gradually built up over time, plus the rolling resistance discourages bad habits such as pushing and coasting.

Alongside this is an anti-rollback system that is completely silent while in motion, but stops the walker from rolling backwards, meaning all the muscular effort of the user is put into moving the walker forwards, making purposeful forward movement less exhausting.

Another update on this system is a parking brake that is easy to operate using a new red 'stop' pedal built into the wheel casing. This reduces the need to bend down to apply the brakes as it can be easily pressed with a foot. The brakes can therefore be applied easily and immediately if an emergency arises.

All Grillo's purchased from September 2020 will be installed with the new braking system as standard, from the mini right up to the large sizes, but they can also be fitted easily to previous models of the Grillo when ordered as an individual part.

If you need any further information on the new system or would like to place an order - please contact our friendly sales team on 01795 477280 or by emailing - you can also contact your local product specialist by visiting our who we are page.

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