Ideal for those who need a little extra stability and security to allow them to enjoy the trill of cycling.


Quad - Feature List

  • Low step through frame for ease of transfer
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar position
  • Frame folds/separates for transportation

The enhanced stability provided by the four wheels fitted to the Quad cycle offers greater stability to the rider when cycling.  There are two frame sizes available which have a low step through frame to enable easier transfer onto the saddle.

The frames are constructed from large profile tubing for extra strength and can be separated into two parts for storage or transportation.  The Quad has four 20" alloy wheels with the front wheels fitted with hub brakes and parking brake levers.

The Quad cycles can be fitted with a range of additional positioning supports to ensure the rider is comfortable and secure when cycling.  There are a variety of saddle options, backrest types, foot supports and handlebar styles to select from.

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Measurements and Specifications

Overall Length Overall Width To Suit Inside Leg (Min to Max) Seat to Handlebars (Min to Max) Wheel Size Max User Weight
Quad Small 57" (1450mm) 3.5" (800mm) 20" (510mm) to 25" (640mm) 19" (480mm) to 22" (560mm) 20" x 2.125 220lbs (100kg)
Quad Large 69" (1750mm) 3.5" (800mm) 25" (640mm) to 30" (762mm) 21" (535mm) ti 2" (610mm) 20" x 2.125 220lbs (100kg)

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