Image showing the discovery buggy

Shuttle Discovery

Gives parents an attractive buggy that provides the clinical and ergonomic support a child needs, leaving them cared for while encouraging a dynamic, fun and active outdoor lifestyle.

Image showing the discovery buggy

Shuttle Discovery - Feature List

  • Modular supports to promote better posture
  • Save space - one seat with indoor and outdoor bases
  • Easy to clean covers and accessories
  • Tilt in space from 90 to 160°
  • Forward or rear facing configuration
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Easy folding for transport and storage

The Discovery incorporates seamlessly into your child’s daily routine, all whilst providing superior postural support. Available in six different colours, this good-looking buggy breaks the norm of medical buggies, giving parents an attractive and easy to use alternative.

The modular design can be easily altered with a wide range of parts and accessories, perfect for if the child’s needs evolve over time. All attachments have easy access zips so covers can be removed for simple machine washing. There is also a ‘wipe-down’ fabric option for messy children!

There are two bases, the Verve push chair base and an indoor high / low base with either manual or electrical adjustment. This means the seat can be conveniently used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, eliminating the need for multiple products.

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Discovery Seat Specifications

Seat Depth 14 - 30 cm
Seat Width 13 - 27 cm
Lower Leg Length 7 - 28 cm
Back Support Height 45 - 58 cm
Shoulder Strap Height 24 - 39 cm
Back Support Recline 90 - 160°
Trunk Lateral Width 12 - 25 cm
Tilt in Space (forward facing) 40°
Max load of seat 25 kg
Seat Weight 7.5 kg
Folded Size L56 x W33 x H14 cm

Verve Stroller Specifications

Push Handle Height 77 - 109 cm
Frame Width 65 cm
Frame Length 93 cm
Front Wheel Diameter 23.5 cm
Rear Wheel Diameter 30 cm
Max Load: Main Seat 25kg
Max Load: Sibling Seat 15 kg
Max Load of Verve 55 kg
Frame Weight (inc wheels) 12.5 kg
Folded Size L84 x W65 x H31 cm

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