Oxygen Cylinder Carrier

Oxygen Cylinder Carrier (Tilt Version)

This version of the Quick Release Oxygen Cylinder Carrier has been designed to be suitable for tilting wheelchairs.

Oxygen Cylinder Carrier

Oxygen Cylinder Carrier (Tilt Version) - Feature List

The carrier unit is suitable for use with the following oxygen cylinders:-

  • BOC - DD & PD
  • Medigas - PD & MB
  • Air Products - PA2

Included with the product are additional lower bracing straps and a depth adjustable lower enclose panel. The carrier unit is intended to be fitted at the rear of a wheelchair in a low position to minimise the reduction of rearward stability for the wheelchair occupant. The carrier unit is easily removed to allow for normal wheelchair folding.

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Oxygen Cylinder Carrier for Tilt in Space Wheelchair

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Part Number QR-OX-C

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