Raiser Blocks

Raiser Blocks

Footrest height adjusting blocks supplied in pairs complete with clamping screws.

Raiser Blocks

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Raiser Blocks

Sizes and Part Numbers

Size Part Number
16mm-19mm L6-P02-F4-A
16mm-22mm L6-P02-F4-B
16mm-25mm L6-P02-F4-C
19mm-19mm L6-P02-F4-D
19mm-22mm L6-P02-F4-E
19mm-25mm L6-P02-F4-F
22mm-22mm L6-P02-F4-G
22mm-25mm L6-P02-F4-H
16mm-16mm L6-P02-F4-I
25mm-25mm L6-P02-F4-J

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