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A new Concept in Stander - Introducing Multisensorial standing with the APP

Eliminate the boredom factor by significantly increasing the amount of stimuli the child receives.

The APP (the new name for the Mini Standy DJ)  transforms the body into a real sounding board because the sound waves travel through the entire structure of the stander. The vibration spreads through the entire structure (platform, knee pads, supports, and table) allowing the child to experience rewarding, multi sensory stimuli.

The Advantages of the APP:

  • At the same time I stimulates the motor areas and reflexes
  • The child's autonomic nervous and sensory systems
  • The neuro-motor system (children with hypnotic, hypertonia, blindness, deafness, dyslexia, agnosia etc.) all stimuli recognised in music therapy
  • The cognitive and behavioural system

 Connect your own device!

The APP Multisensorial Standing can be connected to any interactive or educational device such as a tablet, computer, console, educational software etc

With music, rhythm and vibration the APP revolutionised static times, the restraining elements become vehicles of new stimuli and enjoyment for the child.

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