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Robby Bathing Support

The bathing support adapts optimally to the body proportions of the child. The trough-shaped net upholstery, which can be re-tightened, ensures stable side guidance and a low pelvis position.


* Various sitting and lying positions are adjustable

* Optimal adaptation

* Good side guidance

* Deep pelvis position

* Effective relief for parents

With the Robby Bathing Support, children are always ideally positioned and supported even during daily baths. Robby adapts to the body proportions of the child as well as possible. The trough-shaped net upholstery, which can easily be retightened using a  hook-and-loop closure, ensures good side guidance and a deep pelvis position. This keeps the hip bent, prevents overextension, and achieves optimal relaxation of the child.

Individually Adaptable

The bathing support can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the child. For example, parents can set various seating and lying down positions using the continuous ratchet joints. The head, back, seat, and lower leg support areas can be adapted separately. If required, Robby can be equipped with adjustable head support pads and belt systems for better positioning and therefore offers optimal support for various clinical pictures.

Robby also means significant everyday relief for parents. Washing hair is made easier by the removable head section. In addition, Robby is light, can be folded to a convenient size, and requires little bath water due to its low structural height. Thanks to the telescoping tubes, the bathing support grows in back height and seating depth so that Robby can be used over a long period of time.

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