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Ergonomics, therapists, designers and technicians have joined forces to produce a pushchair with both the child and carer in mind.  The ITO which combines simplicity and flexibility, is lightweight and has a contemporary design.  The chair has been designed for easy daily use, without making any concession for sitting posture or comfort.  Furthermore the ITO can be adapted to meet individual needs, thanks to a well thought out selection of accessories.

Standard Features:

  • Seat, tilt in space
  • Hip support, adjustable
  • Seat depth, adjustable
  • Foot rest, adjustable
  • Push handle, adjustable
  • Seat covers, soft, removable, washable


  • Abductor
  • Grip bar
  • Back extension
  • Sun canopy
  • Thermal bag
  • Wind & rain cape
  • Hand brake
  • Shopping basket
  • Swivel or fixed front wheels
  • Head rest
  • Trunk supports
  • Vest harness
  • Tie down brackets

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