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The Simba's eye catching looks combine simplicity and effectiveness all in one design.

The Simba has been designed to meet an individual's postural needs with a practical design for daily family living.  A versatile buggy that is available in two sizes with a full range of accessories to complement the many standard features.

Shown below folded; the Simba is quickly and easily in one simple operation to a compact size for either transportation or storage.


The single hand operated release makes folding the buggy simple and quick to do. The simplicity also extends to the single hand operated tilt lever located in a comfortable and easy to reach position at the push bar.

  • Tilt in Space - The Simba has a continuous tilt in space range from 10° to 48° to suit an individual's requirements
  • Backrest Extension (optional extra) - Backrest height can be increased by adding a back support extension
  • Lateral Thoracic Support (optional extra) - For additional trunk support and security, easily adjustable in height and width
  • Seat and Pelvic Supports - Stable support base which is width and depth adjustable
  • Foot Supports - Height adjustable and flip up allow for easy transfers

A short video detailing the features of the Simba buggy:

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