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Skyler's Success with the Ormesa Bug


Skyler’s Mum, Jez, was so pleased with the positive effect that the Ormesa Bug had on Skyler that she wanted to share her story…

“Before we had the Bug Skyler couldn't sit or pull herself up or even crawl, couldn't even sit in a pushchair due to her life limiting illness she was still in the new born car seat over the age of 1 due to positioning of her airway.”

“Since we have had the bug it's given Skyler the quality life and care that she needs, she can see everything going on around her instead of being squashed in a stage one car seat on wheels I couldn't put her in a pushchair because it couldn't keep her in a position that she needed to be in.”

“She also has learnt to sit un-aided by herself and also has just started to pull herself up and even crawling. Due to her Noonans, she suffered from extremely bad reflux and was always vomiting. Skyler now doesn't vomit as much, I 100% believe the bug has helped her do this reason she never did this before, I also believe being held up in the bug has strengthen her core muscles in her body also (better seating positioning)”

“Skyler is nearly 23 months and has neurofibromatosis/Noonans. Skyler has a right optic nerve tumour (classed as a brain tumour) larynx and pharynx, so there's a great risk if the tumours grow would block her airway. Skylers tongue and bottom gum is a plexiform tumour and also her c1 (brain stem), c2 of her spine is a tumour. These tumours attach to nerves and grow like weeds in or outside the body. So far there's no cure for NF but Skyler has just started a trial to see if it will help shrink the tumour's I've been told if they intervene with an operation Skyler would have a bleed on the spine and not make it so she couldn't even have a tracheostomy due to the high risk of Surgery”

“Before the Ormesa Bug Skylers life was laying on floor or sofa”

Thank you for sharing Jez, we love to hear of the positive effects our products have.